Monday, March 22, 2010

Banned in 62 Countries yet we are eating it !

For those who missed the 60 Minutes presentation about toxic chemicals in food or for those who need to watch it again I have posted this shocking story on  Healthy Interiors Facebook page  - join us :)

I have known for some time that there are toxic chemicals used in materials, finishes & textiles within the home environment. I have known for some time that many furnishings, cookware and toys may contain toxic chemicals, however I have been truly shocked by this story about the fresh food we consume here in Australia.

This issue is huge and I have found myself feeling bewildered at the enormity of the situation. I have fed my children fresh vegetables from the supermarket that have been grown using a chemical that is banned in 62 countries around the world. We are all busy people with hectic lives however it is a situation like this that needs many voices to instigate change - Carbendazim & Enosulphin need to be banned immediately!

As consumers, this issue reinforces that we all need to ask questions and not rely on Authorities to "do the right thing" !