Thursday, July 8, 2010

What are your cosmetics made from ?

The saying we are what we eat takes on a whole new meaning when we consider our skin absorbs the cosmetics that we place on our skin.

Human skin is highly absorbent and a doorway to our internal system, the engine room of our health and well being. This presentation is a reminder that when we seek out the latest in anti wrinkle cream, the latest brand of exclusive perfume and lipstick that will add volume and retain longer lasting colour that we consider what these products are made from.......

Are your cosmetics made from ingredients that are individually considered unsafe and not healthy ? We can not assume that because a product exists that it is safe and made from safe ingredients.......sadly the push for profits is the reason for a product being developed in many cases, not improvement to human health.

Toxic substances cartoon lobby

A sense of humor with a serious message

A toxic chemical lobby launched in the USA is approaching the issue of chemicals in our homes and in our products with a sense of serious humor.  It has been refreshing to see visual campaigns circulating about these issues, although frustrating that these issues still remain largely unseen and unspoken about within the Australian consumer marketplace.