Wednesday, March 31, 2010

There is a shift happening ...

The way people think about health & the home environment is shifting in a positive way ......

Over the past few weeks I have concentrated on speaking with people from a variety of industries about the concept of healthy homes. People from manufacturing, trades, retail and medicine are starting to give greater thought to environmental health issues within the home . As a designer I am slowly finding fantastic home wares and personal products emerging that focus on being non toxic as well as beautiful.

It is an exciting time to be alive and making a difference, there is change evolving !  I am a big fan of natural fibers in the home as they reduce the chemical emissions (often odorless) into the indoor air. I am also a fan of natural body care and cleaning products as these also protect indoor air from contamination but also protect the skin from absorbing unwanted chemicals. A win / win for health and the environment.

I am loving the new television advert here in Australia where people are shown cleaning their homes with live marine animals...although disturbing it joins the dots between the act of cleaning and where the chemicals end up.  I will try and list a product each month that I have found that is worthy of being called a healthy homes option. Its been an exciting month, I have found two products that I love and are healthy too Mi Essence tahitian breeze deodorant  and  Eli Wilson skin care  !  Small steps is all it takes ...Enjoy

Monday, March 22, 2010

Banned in 62 Countries yet we are eating it !

For those who missed the 60 Minutes presentation about toxic chemicals in food or for those who need to watch it again I have posted this shocking story on  Healthy Interiors Facebook page  - join us :)

I have known for some time that there are toxic chemicals used in materials, finishes & textiles within the home environment. I have known for some time that many furnishings, cookware and toys may contain toxic chemicals, however I have been truly shocked by this story about the fresh food we consume here in Australia.

This issue is huge and I have found myself feeling bewildered at the enormity of the situation. I have fed my children fresh vegetables from the supermarket that have been grown using a chemical that is banned in 62 countries around the world. We are all busy people with hectic lives however it is a situation like this that needs many voices to instigate change - Carbendazim & Enosulphin need to be banned immediately!

As consumers, this issue reinforces that we all need to ask questions and not rely on Authorities to "do the right thing" !