Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Do you make these decorating assumptions ?

* I can trust products that I purchase.

* People are not allowed to sell products that are dangerous to my health.

* I can trust the companies making products because “they” wouldn’t sell product that are harmful to people.

* The government accurately and strictly regulates all products sold in Australia.

* All imported products are tested and known to be safe before they can be sold in Australia.

* If homes could make people sick the government would campaign health messages telling people what to do.

There are currently no laws in Australia that require wholesalers or Australian manufacturers to fully disclose on labels all the materials and chemicals used to make a product. There is currently no mandatory testing done on household items to check if products going into our homes are emitting dangerous VOCs that will pollute the air our families breath and potentially harm our health.

Should a consumer wish to complain about a product they have purchased Australians can do this through their State Consumer Department or to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). After a complaint has been submitted, these organisations will then investigate and pursue any testing should this be required. So the assumption that if product is on the shelf it is safe - is false.

Over the coming months I will post a few alarming insights that will challenge the many assumptions that are made about products used in homes.