Sunday, May 16, 2010

WHY I am passionate about your healthy home !

This presentation sums up why I am so passionate to help educate people about "healthy homes". Our precious children are being born into a world that bombards them with chemicals in the very space that parents feel they are safe in - the home. We can make our homes safe only when we know what to look out for. When we are aware of the hidden chemicals disguised in consumer product.

Our babies and children are vulnerable to chemicals in our environment more so than adults due to their size and metabolism. However as adults we too are still subject to the health risks from chemicals and particularly  accumulative chemicals that our bodies have stored over time.

For those who are already ill and trying to recover -  my concern is that people retreat to their homes, they focus on good food, rest and positive thoughts to lift them from illness, yet their home environment may not be supportive.

The world in which we live in has changed and changes ever day with the approval of new chemicals that reach our shelves in the form of products we consume - cleaning products, personal care products, utensils, furniture, building materials & finishes, fragrances, repellents, gardening products, bedding, clothing and the list goes on.

You can make a difference - one step at a time - one purchase at a time  - when you understand what to look for. Which is why I will continue to advocate for healthy homes, decorate for healthy homes and educate for healthy homes !