Sunday, January 2, 2011

May 2011 bring health & happiness to your home

Happy new year to all that pass through....

2011 is looking like an exciting year with lots of opportunities to learn new things and meet new people.
I am looking forward to continuing to design greener kitchens for my clients and helping families create functional inspiring, beautiful low emission spaces for their homes.

Kitchens are the food hub of the home, a choice center for the way we live and choices we make that directly affect our home, health and the environment. Many lifestyle choices that we make effect the health of our families. Many of these choices indirectly pass through our kitchens either consciously or unknowingly.  Some of the issues I hope to explore this year are kitchen gardens - self sufficiency, kitchen gardens and design thoughts,  food storage options and products, organic vs conventional, food lifestyles such as raw living, energy efficiency - appliance choices, food preparation planning outcomes, pest control choices, heating choices, ventilation decisions, product choices and hidden chemicals in brands we trust ... and so much more.

I will continue to ask What, How and Why -  taking some time to question why we do what we do and how we can do things better, healthier and cheaper. Insights into things that may help you make quicker healthier choices for your family - as you can see from previous posts even toilet paper isn't off limits.  Every product and service we buy for our families has a story some with scary plots and others inspiring. In our busy lives we don't have time to ask for the story behind every product or choice we need to make, so hopefully healthy home insight can shed some light on a few issues you may not have thought of ..