Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Is your babies nursery toxic ?

6 things you can do for a healthier nursery

1. Bed / cot - Avoid particle boards and wood products that are bound together with glues.
    Glues often contain formaldehyde - a carcinogen that offgasses / releases fumes.
    Solution - choose hardwoods, with low VOC or zero VOC paints and stains.

2. Mattress - Avoid polyurethane foam & flame retardant chemicals.
    Solution - choose natural fibers such as wool, organic cotton.

3. Sheets & blankets - avoid synthetic sheeting and blankets, avoid crush free products as these
    often contain formaldehyde.
    Solution - organic cotton sheeting and blankets, wool blankets

4. Wall art - avoid plastic artwork / decals as plastics release VOCs (fumes) into the air
     Solution - opt for timber, cane/rattan or fabric decor items

5. Toys - Avoid plastics as they release VOCs and  contaminate indoor air, also if mouthed by babies
    can leach phthalate chemicals that are hormone disruptors.
    Solution - Choose toys that are made from hardwoods with natural non toxic stains, fabric items

6. Plants assist with cleaning indoor air - Add a hanging plant in the room to help clean the air