Thursday, October 28, 2010

What women, choices & breast cancer have in common - BPA

Sadly there is little media attention and up roar about this chemical here in Australia. Given we have a smaller population than the USA we also generally speaking have less funding available for chemical studies. So here in Australia we often follow, watch, sit and wait for alarm bells to ring in other countries ....and then maybe we will begin to seriously look at an issue.  If I can impart any message along with these videos it is that even if you live in a country other than the USA, it is very likely the same type of foods are packaged using BPA. This certainly is the case here in Australia !

It was great to see a recent report stating the following by CHOICE (Australia) which stated :
"Choice spokesman Christopher Zinn said laboratory samples on 38 tinned products - including baby food, baked beans, coconut milk, corn kernels, soups and fish - revealed 29 contained "potentially harmful" levels. Choice found the highest levels of BPA (300-420 parts per billion) in samples of Edgell corn kernels, John West tuna olive oil blend, and Heinz smooth custard with banana." To read the complete story refer to :

What can we do to avoid BPA   - 

- Choose fresh food whenever possible
- Consider alternatives to canned food, beverages and juices
- Use glass or ceramic containers when heating food.
- Avoid handling receipts as the paper is coated in BPA
- Avoid buying product in plastic bottles/packaging marked plastic code #7

As the number of people diagnosed with cancer rises I keep asking myself  "How are our lives different to that of our grandparents ?"  We have so many new chemicals being approved for use each year without the precautionary principle to protect human health, I am not a scientist but surely this reality should be raising some red flags as to a possible causes for some of the rising serious illnesses !   

Take care ....